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Sierra Trading Post stocks rods from the best manufacturers like SageRedington, and others. Whether you are looking for a feathery 2 or 3 weight or need a stronger saltwater/ big-river rod, chances are we have the tackle you need. Sierra Trading Post has the finest brands of fly fishing equipment.


Sierra Trading Post can help you match up that new rod with a superior quality LoonLamson or Redington fly fishing reel. These reels cover the territory from beginner to expert and each is of the highest quality. The more expensive reels are machined from aircraft aluminum and often feature extra large arbors which hold more backing behind the fly line, and offer quick retrieval of the line "on the wheel."


Of all the tackle an angler takes to the water, the fly line holds a place of extreme importance. It is the line which loads the rod and is responsible for the quality of the cast and the presentation of the fly. A few of the premier fly line brands we carry are Sage and Cortland. We have both saltwater and freshwater fly lines, sinkers, floaters, spey rod lines, rocket tapers, most any type of line the fly fisherman requires in their pursuit of that elusive fish.


Sierra Trading Post features fly selections by brands like Dream Cast and WetFly, in varieties from dry flies to nymphs and streamers, for the most demanding fly fisherman.


Getting to the best water for fishing always involves some travel, and your tackle can take the worst abuse during this time. Fly fishing cases from companies like Redington keep your rods and reels safe from damage. These cases not only protect, but look great, too.


Dr. Slick makes precision scissors and clamps that let you spend more time casting over fish and less time searching for the right tool. Their accessories are also perfect for the fly fisherman who enjoys tying their own flies. Get the right tool for the job at up to 35-70% savings.


Fly fishing success depends on reaching the fish. High-quality waders, either neoprene or waterproof breathable types, are a must. Neoprene waders are warm, and are much like wetsuits in their multi-layer design. Waterproof breathable waders, on the other hand, are made of synthetic fabrics with waterproof membranes joined to their interiors. These types are sometimes considered more comfortable, as the fabric construction is better across a wide range of temperatures. William Joseph and Redington are some of the better brands to look at when shopping for waders.


Topping off a good pair of waders, the well-equipped angler looks for a good jacket from a manufacturer like Redington or Lowe Alpine. The best jackets have plenty of pockets, places to attach retractors and clamps and (of course) waterproof protection. In addition, many jackets designed specifically for fly fishing have drawstrings to adjust the hemline up or down depending on the depth of water in which you are fishing.


Wading while fishing means to avoiding slippery, moss-covered rocks and many hazards, all while keeping your balance in a moving current. With the proper type of soles fly fishing is much safer. There are three types of soles on fly fishing boots: rubber, felt and studded. The first type is a standard rubber sole that is great for walking and fishing off the stream bank, or if you are fishing over gravel and sand primarily in a slower current. For better grip on slippery, slimy rocks, felt soles are hard to beat and are the most popular choice for most types of wading. For the most aggressive traction, a combination felt-studded sole is the best. The main disadvantage of this design is the lack of stealth as you move up the stream or river, with the studs crunching over the rocks and gravel.


Watersport shoes like Chaco watersport sandals keep your feet protected anytime you are around the water. Brands like Chaco make excellent shoes for fly fishing in warmer waters. Irish SetterSebagoDunhamSperry Top-Sider and Georgia Boot also make great shoes designed to withstand water, sun, salt and all the conditions that are hard on a pair of shoes, boots or sandals.


Hats are a humble piece of gear that should not be overlooked. Exposure to high levels of UV radiation is a known hazard for skin and eyes. A good hat protects you from skin damage and shields eyes to give you the chance to fish longer and more comfortably. Sierra Trading Post has many types of hats and caps to suit the fly fisherman such as cowboy hats, baseball caps and more specialized hats with mesh and chin straps specifically designed with the fisherman in mind.


Gloves by top brands like Jacob Ash and Redington come in a variety of fingerless, foldback-finger and full-finger models. Materials include organic fibers like wool and cotton, or neoprene and polyester fleece blends. Especially nice for when temperatures are dipping and the trout are rising, Sierra Trading Post has a nice selection that keeps you on the water when others are heading home.


Polarized sunglasses are required equipment for fly fishing because the sport demands that you be able to locate and cast to fish by sight. Polarized glasses are the best for eliminating glare off the water and letting your vision penetrate the surface and first few feet of water. Sierra Trading Post not only stocks fishing glasses from major sport brands like BolleCoyoteNative and OakleySerengeti also makes excellent polarized glasses, as does Costa del Mar.


High-tech, moisture-wicking shirts and quick-drying pants keep you cool, dry and comfortable when fishing. Sierra Trading Post also has many options that provide excellent UV protection. With shirts from RedingtonExOfficioSageSportifWoolrich and many other brands, we can assure your comfort and protection on the water.